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18 Herbs Organic Labs Pvt. Ltd ., is a company focusing on the Research, Development & Manufacturing of wellness products catering to the needs of Humans, Animals and Plants. All products are eco-friendly by design and are aimed at improving the global environment. The company hence chooses the optimal ingredients from either its own organic farms or farms under its strict supervision.

The strict adherence to quality parameters helps 18 Herbs in ensuring high ACTIVE PRINCIPLE content in its formulations hence making products with high efficacy. The wellness products find its origins from proven traditional knowledge supported by modern and model scientific validation / metrics.

Professionals at 18 Herbs have formal training in Siddha and Ayurveda medicine formulations, manufacturing practices and have provided consulting / advisory in setting up world class manufacturing facilities for over 10 years. 18 Herb’s passion lies in the making of products that have customer delight as a top priority and its willingness to interact with every possible customer.

Product range includes

• Immune Boosters, anti-inflammation & Energy boosters (Fresh NONI juice concentrate)
• Herbal teas (Dia-T for Diabetics, Green tea)
• Traditional PURE DESI COW GHEE
• Anti-Obesity / Slimming products (Oh!18 Series)
• Nutraceuticals & Food Supplements

Agro products range includes

• Plant Growth Regulators
• Flowering Agents
• Soluble Nutrient Spray
• Bio-Pesticides, Natural Wetting Agents, Bio-Control Agents and Biological Traps

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