Mucuna – A Rich Plant-based Protein

“Indians are protein deficient, and it needs immediate attention” screamed headlines of a popular National Indian newspaper recently. A 2017 report of Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) states that protein deficiency among Indians stands at more than 80 percent, as measured against the recommended portion of 60g per day.  read more

Ponnanganni Thailam – Overall Skin Therapy

Every woman’s cherished desire is to have a young and fresh, blemish-less and acne-free healthy skin naturally or with minimum maintenance. Well, that’s surely a far-fetching dream amid the growing sophistication of technology influence in every aspect of life and deteriorating quality of food and air. Growing pollution, stress, adulterated food and lifestyle choices add to the distress of the skin’s normal process of replenishment. read more

Benefits of some important Hasta Mudras

In science of yoga the body is a medium that can be used in different ways for the final intend of drawing yourself from inward. Mudras are one of the powerful tools to achieve this. Mudras are hand gestures used in meditation for a specific aim of channelizing your body’s energy flow.

The historic gurus intuited the five basic elements that the human body is composed of – space, air, fire, water and earth. Hands have some energy points that stimulate these elements. Mudra is based on the principle of not only invoking these vibrant elements but also result in free action. read more

Green Tea with Amla

Green tea has several health benefits because of its antioxidant properties. The naturally occurring antioxidants in green tea can be boosted with the addition of Amla, which is full of vital nutrients like Vitamin C.

The Indian gooseberry, also known as Amla locally, is a common and famous fruit for its unique taste and source of rich nutrients. Biologically known as Phyllanthus emblica, the name Amla was derived from its Sanskrit equal amalaki. read more

Karippan Thailam: All Round Haircare

Having healthy hair is every woman’s dream. But the critical aspect to tame those long tresses is to follow a regime of timely nourishment and care, both from within and topically. A balanced diet and ample fluid intake are the very important components of your daily routine to stimulate the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth. In addition, proper and periodic oil massage, gentle wash and minimal use of styling products and dry heat are the cardinal rule to ensure not to invite any health woes. read more

Green Tea with Lemon

Green tea has several health benefits because of its antioxidant properties. The naturally occurring antioxidants in green tea can be boosted with the addition of lemon, which is full of important nutrients like vitamin C.

A lot of people pass on green tea due to its potential bland taste while they oddly prefer to buy expensive health supplements! Green tea with lemon is not only an elixir rich in nutrition with multitude of health benefits, but also gives a unique tangy taste. read more

Benefits of Brahmi Herb : Herb of Grace

Brahmi, a unique herb, often considered to be the brain booster, is known to treat numerous health conditions. Brahmi, biologically known as Bacopa monnieri (BM), is a creeping perennial herb, native to India and therapeutic in nature.

In Ayurveda, Bacopa has been termed as Brahmi (as known popularly), after Lord Brahma, who is considered the supreme mythological creator of the universe and the father of the science of Ayurveda. read more

10 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is a Superfood

In many Eastern religions, we have a concept of a ‘world tree’. It is also a very prominent concept in Hinduism where it is called kalpavriksha or ‘wish fulfilling tree’.

The coconut tree has often been identified as a kalpavriksha because of its many uses. In fact, most families on the Southern coast of India unfailingly add coconut to their food. They cannot imagine food without coconut. read more

The Many Health Benefits of Tulsi

The Tulsi plant or Holy Basil (as it is known in the west) is a fairly common plant in India. The plant is highly revered in Hinduism where it considered a manifestation of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and is consequently used in many rituals. So it is not unusual to find a Tulsi plant outside many Indian (Hindu) homes. read more

Take Ashwagandha for Increased Vitality and Wellbeing

Has the daily grind left you chronically tired and drained? Do you want to restore your vigor and energy? Try Ashwagandha. It is a small, perennial shrub that grows in the dry, arid regions of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Sindh.

The roots of this plant have been prescribed for everything from impotence, fatigue, low sperm count, nervous exhaustion to general debility. No wonder Ashwagandha is called a Rasayana or life extender in Ayurveda. read more

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