18 Herbs Organics Green Tea with Amla (TIN)

Get your Immunity Boost!
18 HERBS ORGANICS Special process ensures maximum retention of catechins (the main source of the desired antioxidant properties in green tea) and active principles of Amla in premium green tea with finely chopped Amla berries. Our organic Amla berries are grown in South India's Periyakulam and Kodaikkanal tracts.
Available sizes: TIN - 40 Tea Bags



The health benefits of Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica), also known as Indian Gooseberry, can be partially attributed to its high Vitamin C content:

  • Being a rich source of natural Vitamin C helps detoxify and builds immunity
  • It reduces acidity, aids digestion and metabolism
  • Is a rich source of antioxidants, with rejuvenating and disease-­fighting capabilities, among many other benefits
  • Helps burn fat and cholesterol

Usage: Infuse one tea bag in hot water for 3­-5 mins. Do not add milk. Honey or jaggery may be used for sweetening.