18 Herbs Organics Pure Edible Groundnut Oil

Pure, Edible and Chemical-free
18 Herbs Organic Pure Groundnut Oil is prepared as per traditional cold wood-press method called Marachekku.
The groundnuts are naturally dried before being cold-pressed at very slow speeds without heating. No nutrients, vitamins, & proteins are lost during processing.
Unrefined: naturally chemical-free.
Available sizes: 500-ml PET bottle.

18 Herbs Organics Pure Edible Groundnut Oil offers great health benefits. Our cold-pressed oil is meticulously extracted from naturally dried groundnuts, retaining all of the essential minerals, vitamins, and proteins. It not only regulates blood cholesterol levels, lowering the risk of heart disease, but it also functions as a natural antioxidant, increasing your immune system. Enjoy the purity and goodness of our groundnut oil for a healthier you. Elevate your cooking and nourish your body with this pure, wholesome Groundnut Oil. Experience the power of nature in every drop.


Benefits of 18 Herbs Organics Pure Cold-Pressed Groundnut Oil:

  • Traditionally made, healthy cooking oil has been used in south India for centuries.
  • Groundnut oil withstands higher temperatures than other oils, and is one of the best oils for cooking.
  • It kickstarts metabolic activity and is a healthy energy source.
  • It controls serum cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease.
  • Natural antioxidants boosts immune system .