18 Herbs Organics Pure Edible Groundnut Oil

Pure, Edible and Chemical-free
18 Herbs Organic Pure Groundnut Oil is prepared as per traditional cold wood-press method called Marachekku.
The groundnuts are naturally dried before being cold-pressed at very slow speeds without heating. No nutrients, vitamins & proteins are lost during processing.
Unrefined: Naturally chemical-free.
Available sizes: 500ml PET bottle.


Benefits of 18 Herbs Organics Pure cold-pressed Groundnut Oil:

  • Traditionally made, healthy cooking oil used in south India for centuries.
  • Groundnut oil withstands higher temperatures than other oils, and is one of the best oils for cooking.
  • Kickstarts metabolic activity and is a healthy energy source.
  • Controls serum cholesterol and reduces risk of heart disease.
  • Natural antioxidant — boosts immune system .