Noni Fresh Juice


 Noni fruit is low on carbohydrates but rich in nutrients, especially Vitamin C. Noni fruit juice is good for digestion also. I thank 18herbs for bringing out Noni juice. It is delicious. 

 I drink Noni juice every morning before breakfast. It has helped me reduce fat and made me more healthier, generally. The flavor is very tasty and I like it very much. 

 This is the best Noni juice on the market. It is also in the right price range, which means I am able to buy a regular supply from 18Herbs. Kudos to the 18Herbs for launching this healthy product. 


 Amla tea aids in weight loss and has anti-oxidant properties, which makes it a great tea. I like the taste also which is unlike any other tea I've tasted. It also reduces cholesterol and burns fat. Will order again. 

 I got my Amla tea tea last week. It's amazing. The box says, this tea is rich in Vitamin C which builds immunity and reduces toxins. I loved it and will order again. Thank you.  

 Great taste. Great benefits. Helps to cure many problems like acidity and slow metabolism. Aids in weight loss and reduces cholesterol. Really, everyone should try it. 

Green Tea with Amla

Green Tea with Tulsi


 Green tea is very healthy. It can help you to lose weight and detoxify your body. It also contains anti-oxidants. For these reasons, I've included green tea in my daily routine.  

 I drink green tea every morning and afternoon. It refreshes me and I think, I've also started to lose some weight after I started drinking green tea. 

 18Herbs green tea is a very good product and contains some of the best tea leaves grown in India. All tea lovers would enjoy it a lot. 


 This is an an all-purpose coconut oil. I've started using coconut oil in my cooking, which makes the food very tasty. Thanks to 18Herbs for bringing out this quality product.  

 Cooking with coconut oil is safe and gives a wonderful flavor to food. I also apply this oil on my skin in winter and on my hair. It is pure coconut oil and the quality is very visible.  

 You can use 18Herbs pure edible coconut oil on your hair or for cooking. You can also use it for moisturizing your skin when it gets dry. This is a very good product and I would recommend it to all. 

Pure Edible Coconut Oil

Premium Green Tea


 18Herbs organic green tea is rich in anti-oxidants. I've made it a point to drink a cup of 18Herbs organic tea daily, before leaving for office.  

 I confess, I wasn't a big fan of green tea. But when I came to know the benefits, I decided to drink it regularly. I always drink 18Herbs green tea because it is one of the best.  

 Green tea is the best sort of tea for those who want to maintain their health. I've become a fan of 18Herbs green tea, thanks to its special taste and quality. 


 I was suffering from constant hair loss. I bought 18Herbs Organics Karippan Tailam and applied it for a month. The hair loss slowly reduced. Thank 18Herbs.  

 18Herbs Karippan Tailam has Bringa which is good for hair growth. My hair has started becoming lustrous and strong after applying this hair oil.  

 Bringa is traditionally known to reduce hair loss. This hair oil also contains Kehraj. Am seeing some positive results after using this hair oil for a month. 

Hair Oil

LaxaHealth Tea


 This product is excellent for someone who is having trouble passing stools. I would really love to try this tea and get the benefits as soon as possible. Thank you so much for sharing information of this amazing product.  

 Laxahealth tea is really good for weight loss and for improving digestion. I am fond of tea and love experimenting with different forms of tea. This one will be a new and exciting tea for me.  

 Laxahealth tea is really beneficial for digestive health. One should add this beverage to their daily routine, as it is good for health. 


 Waiting for my sample to come. But the fact about the tea is impressive to taste it. 

 People who are found of caffeine must try it, because it more healthier, more effective, more tasty and has more benefits than tea or coffee. 

 It is a very good tea. It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, too many other benefits. Everyone should have a try of this. 

Hibiscus Tea

Desi Ghee with Brahmi


 I bought this brand of ghee last week. It contains Brahmi which is good for improving memory. My family also loves the fresh and authentic taste. I would recommend this brand to everyone.  

 Desi ghee infused with Brahmi is good for developing mental power. I feed a teaspoon of this ghee to my son every day.  

 This desi ghee gives off a wonderful smell and adds good flavor to food. We eat it with chapatis, bread and even add it to many other food preparations. Brahmi develops the mind. Love it. 


 DiaHealth Tea is made from Gymnema leaves, which is a remedy for diabetes. It is a good choice for those, who like natural organic tea.  

 I drink Diahealth tea instead of regular tea. It is very refreshing and it is helping to treat my diabetes. 

 This product is great for controlling diabetes. Since I suffer from high diabetes, I take Diahealth tea everyday and I've seen some positive results. Thanks to 18Herbs. 

DiaHealth Tea

Desi Ghee


 Desi ghee is made from 100% indigenous cows' ghee. It is good for digestion and gives good skin. I use 18herbs desi ghee in most of my cooking and my family loves it. 

 I like to eat desi ghee with all my meals. It has improved my digestion and metabolism and also helped me lose a little weight. Highly recommended.  

 I am a big fan of 18Herbs desi ghee. I love to eat it with food, especially rotis. I would ask all parents to feed their kids with 18Herbs desi ghee. 

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