9 Benefits of Drinking Noni Juice

9 Benefits of Drinking Noni Juice

Miranda Kerr is a well-known supermodel and former spouse of Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom. She has been drinking noni juice every morning for the last 12 years and she credits the juice for her beautiful skin and hair.

Morinda Citrifolia, commonly known as Noni is a tropical plant. It belongs the same family as the coffee tree or Rubiaceae. Its historical range was Southeast Asia and Australasia but today it is found across the tropics.

The fruit and roots of the noni plant possesses exceptional medicinal properties. Humans have been eating the fruit for thousands of years. The fruits are bitter to taste but edible. It is also called a famine fruit because when people had nothing to eat, they used to cook the fruits and eat them. In many Pacific islands, it is still a staple part of the people's diet and it is either eaten raw or cooked.

Recently, India has also seen an increased consciousness on the benefits of the noni fruit. 18 Herb Organics is happy to say we've now come out with a noni juice concentrate. Let us list the various benefits of drinking noni juice.

Anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties

Noni possesses anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties and it can be an excellent supplement to anti-cancer medication. Noni stimulates nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide suppresses tumor growth and prevents the replication of cancerous cells. Noni is also rich in phytochemicals which have cancer-fighting properties. Cancer treatment is often painful (chemotherapy). In one study, noni fruit reduced pain perception in cancer patients. In another study involving lung cancer patients, noni fruit extract was found to assist the body in fighting cancer. Noni extract also stimulates the immune system, to the extent of killing some types of cancer cells.

Noni stimulates the immune system

Phytochemicals in noni give a boost to the immune system. Noni also activates macrophages in the blood and boosts the production of lymphocytes. Noni can combat various types of parasitic, bacterial, fungal and viral infections. Dendritic cells are an important component of the immune system. Noni actives dendritic cells and boosts B cell production. When new born calves were given noni, it gave them additional protection against E Coli. It is important because in humans, E coli causes stomach ulcers.

Noni is an analgesic

An analgesic is a pain reliever. Noni juice contains natural analgesics and provides considerable relief in painful conditions such as psoriasis, arthritis and repetitive motion injury. In one study, mice fed 10% and 20% noni extract developed greater tolerance to pain (162%-212%) than a placebo group. In another study, Noni was found to possess pain reducing effects similar to well-known analgesics- hydrocortisone and tramadol. Athletes can take noni juice to reduce pain without the fear of failing drug tests.

Noni juice is a powerful antidepressant

Drinking noni juice stimulates the production of melatonin and serotonin in the body. They are important hormones that regulate important functions like mood, appetite and sleep. Serotonin imbalance can cause a person to become depressed while an increase in serotonin levels is associated with increased relaxation and happiness. Melatonin, secreted by the pineal gland, plays an important role in regulating sleep. An imbalance in melatonin levels can lead to insomnia or difficulty in sleeping. Noni can increase melatonin secretion, leading to more relaxed sleep.

Noni can reduce hypertension

High blood pressure is a common disease in adults today. In hypertension, blood flows through the arteries with a lot of pressure. Eventually, calcium and fat start depositing on the artery walls, reducing the arteries' blood carrying capacity. This condition is called atherosclerosis. Noni juice is rich in phytonutrients, Vitamin C and selenium which are powerful antioxidants and fight damage to artery walls. The alkalinity of Noni juice prevents the blood from becoming too acidic. Noni also contains proxeronine which the body converts into xeronine. Xeronine lowers stress, which in turn reduces blood pressure.

Noni reduces bad cholesterol

There are reports that drinking noni juice regularly can reduce bad cholestrol. In one study, it was found that smokers who drank noni juice every day for a month were able to reduce their triglycerides and total cholesterol count. Noni juice also reduces the absorption of bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol. Bad cholesterol is one of the main culprits behind plaque deposition in arteries.

Noni juice can protect memory

Noni juice contains phytosterols which reduce the absorption of bad cholesterol by the body. When bad cholesterol reduces, plaque build up in the arteries also reduces (or is eliminated altogether). Now, blood can flow properly and the brain is not deprived of oxygenated blood. So drinking noni juice protects the brain, keeping it young and active. Noni also prevents memory impairment from Alzheimer's disease. The buildup of plaque in nerve cells is one of the main factors behind Alzheimer's disease. Noni extract also slows down other neurological and biological diseases such as Parkison's disease and dementia.

Noni juice eases constipation and irritable bowel syndrome

Noni juice is loaded with soluble fiber. Soluble fiber pulls water and develops a gell-like constitution during digestion. But fiber does more than just keep the bowels clean. It is also known to bring stability to blood sugar, lower cholesterol, help in weight loss and more. Insufficient fiber in food is one of the major reasons for constipation or irritable bowel syndrome. Drinking noni juice can help you regulate stools and even cure constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Noni juice is good for the hair and skin

Noni juice contains proxeronine which is converted into xeronine in the body. Xeronine repairs cells at the molecular level. Noni juice also has anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking noni juice on a regular basis can clear acne. Noni juice is good for the hair too. It makes hair lustrous and healthy. Noni juice also helps the nails become stronger.

Who would have thought this unassuming fruit has so many benefits. 18 Herb Organics Noni Juice is made from the best quality noni fruits grown in our biodiversity garden. So buy this product today so you too can start benefitting from noni juice.

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