Our Philosophy

Organizations can play a positive role in embracing sustainability while providing the full spectrum of nature’s therapies. At 18 Herbs, we embrace this principle. This is a conscious choice and not the default option. We fully understand that any economic activity (ie what we do for a living) threatens nature and our environment by being unsustainable and damaging. However, we believe that there is another, more responsible path. While we are not yet 100% sustainable, we are clear and passionate about our responsibilities as a firm

Our responsibilities are three-fold:

Responsible for the health of consumers

  • We produce 100% natural products that promote better health
  • All our products are completely safe for you and your children
  • We utilize traditional health systems backed by modern scientific formulations and testing
Responsible for the land and its biodiversity


  • We adopt sustainable cultivation / collection of herbs including Organic certifications.
  • Our products are free of chemicals, toxic residues, artificial coloring, preservatives, fragrances or colours.
  • We are against animal testing
Responsible for our farmers


  • We are in direct touch with our farmers, most of whom are small & marginalised.
  • We help promote native (which are environmentally friendly by default) farming practices.
  • We aid farmer welfare and social equity.