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18 Herbs Organics is a Madurai, South India, based wellness company focusing on research, development and manufacturing of organic health and beauty products. All our products are eco-friendly and sustainable by design. We choose our herbs from either our own organic farms or certified organic farms that are under our strict supervision.

All our wellness products finds its origins from proven traditional knowledge supported by modern scientific validation. Professionals at 18 Herbs have formal training in Siddha and Ayurveda medicine formulations and production practices.

We lovingly make

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Mucuna – A Rich Plant-based Protein

“Indians are protein deficient, and it needs immediate attention” screamed headlines of a popular National Indian newspaper recently. A 2017 report of Indian Market Research Bureau (IMRB) states that protein

Ponnanganni Thailam – Overall Skin Therapy

Every woman’s cherished desire is to have a young and fresh, blemish-less and acne-free healthy skin naturally or with minimum maintenance. Well, that’s surely a far-fetching dream amid the growing

Benefits of some important Hasta Mudras

In science of yoga the body is a medium that can be used in different ways for the final intend of drawing yourself from inward. Mudras are one of the

Green Tea with Amla

Green tea has several health benefits because of its antioxidant properties. The naturally occurring antioxidants in green tea can be boosted with the addition of Amla, which is full of

Karippan Thailam: All Round Haircare

Having healthy hair is every woman’s dream. But the critical aspect to tame those long tresses is to follow a regime of timely nourishment and care, both from within and

Green Tea with Lemon

Green tea has several health benefits because of its antioxidant properties. The naturally occurring antioxidants in green tea can be boosted with the addition of lemon, which is full of

Benefits of Brahmi Herb : Herb of Grace

Brahmi, a unique herb, often considered to be the brain booster, is known to treat numerous health conditions. Brahmi, biologically known as Bacopa monnieri (BM), is a creeping perennial herb,

10 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is a Superfood

In many Eastern religions, we have a concept of a 'world tree'. It is also a very prominent concept in Hinduism where it is called kalpavriksha or 'wish fulfilling tree'.

The Many Health Benefits of Tulsi

The Tulsi plant or Holy Basil (as it is known in the west) is a fairly common plant in India. The plant is highly revered in Hinduism where it considered

Take Ashwagandha for Increased Vitality and Wellbeing

Has the daily grind left you chronically tired and drained? Do you want to restore your vigor and energy? Try Ashwagandha. It is a small, perennial shrub that grows in

10 Reasons Why you Should be Drinking Green Tea

The next time you drink a cup of tea, take a moment to think about the tea. Ask yourself, is this the best tea for me? Shouldn't you be rather

The Benefits of Bringha (Eclipta alba) Oil for Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

In a Spanish study involving balding men, 62% of men surveyed said hair loss would wreck their self-esteem. Society is more accepting of baldness today. For many, it is even

A Sustainable Way to Control Diabetes Naturally

Did you know India has the dubious distinction of being the diabetes capital of the world? It has the largest population of diabetes patients of any country, with 50.8 million

Drink Herbal and Green Teas to De-stress and Relax

You're having a tough day at your office. Finally, your work is finished and you get to leave. A sigh of relief! But it is not over yet because you

The Many Advantages of Desi Ghee

Ghee has always taken a place of pride in India whether in cooking, medicine or religion. The Charaka Samhita, one of the oldest Ayurvedic texts even says, 'of all the

9 Benefits of Drinking Noni Juice

18 Herbs Organics Noni Fruit Fresh Juice - Nature’s True Superfood Miranda Kerr is a well-known supermodel and former spouse of Lord of the Rings star Orlando Bloom. She has

8 Health Benefits you can Derive from the Lemon

You might have heard the saying, 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade'. Lemons have needlessly received a bad rep, seeing how they are an excellent sources of Vitamin C

What are the Health Benefits of Amla?

In Hinduism and many other Indic religions, Amla is considered sacred. It is said the Amla tree was born during the legendry samudra manthan when a few drops of Amrit

Is Hibiscus the Holy Grail of Personal Health?

Hibiscus is a common flowering plant (belonging to the family Malvaceae) found in many Indian homes and gardens, especially in South India. The flowers come in various colors and sizes


This product is excellent for someone who is having trouble passing motions. I would really love to try this tea and get the benefits as soon as possible. Thank you so much for sharing information of this amazing product.

- Komal Rajput

18Herb’s Green tea with mint is excellent for digestive problems. It also has a unique taste. It is free from caffeine and aids in digestion. It also provides other health benefits.

- Nilima Pogalu

Green tea is very healthy. It can help you to lose weight and detoxify your body. It also contains anti-oxidants. For these reasons, I’ve included green tea in my daily routine.

- Meghali Patowary

Noni fruit is low on carbohydrates but rich in nutrients, especially Vitamin C. Noni fruit juice is good for digestion also. I thank 18Herbs for launching Noni juice. It is delicious.

- Ravi Thakre

I love hibiscus tea, because it is good for health, for all family. It is an excellent product. It reduces many health problems, and loose weight and make more active.

- Kuldeep Athwal

18Herbs organic green tea is rich in anti-oxidants. I’ve made it a point to drink a cup of 18Herbs organic tea daily, before leaving for office.

- Priyanka Desai

Desi ghee is made from 100% indigenous cows’ ghee. It is good for digestion and gives good skin. I use 18herbs desi ghee in most of my cooking and my family loves it.

- Shitala Kapoor

I bought this brand of ghee last week. It contains Brahmi which is good for improving memory. My family also loves the fresh and authentic taste. I would recommend this brand to everyone.

- Amrit Toshnival
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