18 Herbs Organics Green Tea with Lemon (BOX)

Refreshing and Fights Infection!
Lemons, which are naturally found in most countries and in all seasons, are one of those superfoods with myriad health benefits.
Lemons have strong immune-boosting powers plus fight infection. They are natural diuretics and helps detoxification. Lemons are one of the most alkalizing foods for the body, thereby balancing pH Levels in the body — making it an active disease fighter.
18 HERBS ORGANICS Premium Green tea with Lemon is produced by a special process ensuring maximum retention of catechins (the main source of the desired antioxidant properties in Green Tea) and freshness of Lemons. Lemon fruit is carefully sourced from Puliyankudi tracts of South.

Available sizes – Box – 15 Tea bags (Box)

Ingredients: Green Tea Cut Leaves with Lemon Peels Cut (Citrus Lemon). (Sourced from
Puliyankudi tracts of South India which has the highest efficacy

  1. Rich source of natural Vitamin C that builds immunity and fights infection
  2. Balances pH Levels in our Body.
  3. Rich source of antioxidants that helps burn fat.

  1. Infuse one tea bag in hot water for 3-5 minutes.
  2. Honey or jaggery may be used for sweetening.