Healing Touch of 18 Herbs Organics Traditional Therapeutic Oils

Life is a journey, and occasionally our bodies suffer for it. Skin issues, aches, and pains, and stress can all be unwanted companions. With their selection of Therapeutic Oils, 18 Herbs Organics provides a helpful hand—or rather, a calming touch. These aren't your typical store-bought goods; instead, they're made using traditional wisdom and carefully selected herbs to meet your specific requirements.

Nature's Remedy for Aches and Pains:

18 Herbs Organics Kurunthotti Thailam (Joint Pain Oil): This oil draws on the rich heritage of Siddha medicine. Its key ingredient, Kurunthotti (Sida cordifolia), is a champion when it comes to pain relief. With its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, this oil can be a game-changer for those experiencing joint pain, muscle soreness, and stiffness associated with arthritis and rheumatism.

How it Works: Apply a small amount of the oil to the affected area and massage gently. The blend of herbs works its magic to soothe discomfort and bring relief.

Joint Pain Oil Benefits:

  1. Relieves pain from joints, back, neck & legs
  2. Improves blood circulation
  3. Strengthens the muscles & joints
  4. Reduces swelling in the joints

De-Stress and Find Your Calm:

18 Herbs Organics Ashwagandha Balalakshathi Thailam (Stress Relief Oil): This oil features Ashwagandha, a revered adaptogenic herb known for its calming and stress-relieving properties. When applied topically, the oil's soothing aroma and herbal blend work together to promote relaxation and manage everyday stress.

How it Works: Massage a few drops of oil onto your temples, wrists, or behind your ears. Inhale the calming aroma and feel the tension melt away.

Stress Relief Oil Benefits:

  1. Regulates and maintains normal blood pressure
  2. Helps to relax the mind
  3. Relieves stress and relaxes the body

Nurture Your Skin Naturally:

18 Herbs Organics Skin Therapy Oil (Veppampattai Thailam): This oil features Neem (Azadirachta Indica), a powerful herb with antibacterial and skin-purifying properties. This oil can be your skin's best friend, promoting a healthy complexion by reducing blemishes, ulcers, and blackheads. Additionally, it may aid in soothing cracked heels and improving overall skin texture.

How it Works: Gently massage a few drops of oil onto your cleansed face and body. Allow it to absorb for a natural, healthy glow.

Skin Therapy Oil Benefits:

  1. Improves Skin Tone and Texture
  2. Restores the sensation and colour of the skin
  3. Help reduce ulcers, blemishes, blackheads in the skin, and cracked heels and feet

The Power of Tradition:

18 Herbs Organics oils are not just about trendy ingredients; they're about harnessing the wisdom of generations. Free from harsh chemicals, artificial colours, and artificial fragrances, they offer a gentle yet effective approach.  Each oil is a potent blend of nature's goodness, formulated to address specific concerns.

A Note on Individuality:

While these oils offer a natural path to wellness, it's important to remember:

Individual Results May Vary: As with any natural remedy, results may vary depending on your unique needs.

Experience the Healing Touch:

18 Herbs Organics oils offer a convenient and natural way to incorporate self-care into your daily routine. Soothe aches and pains, manage stress, or promote healthy skin – there's an oil specifically formulated for your needs.

Patch Test: Before applying any new oil to a large area of your skin, perform a patch test on a small area of your inner elbow. This helps ensure you don't have any allergic reactions.

Consistency is Key: For optimal results, use the oils consistently as directed.

Breathe and Relax: Take a few deep breaths while applying the oils. Allow yourself to unwind and experience the calming benefits.

Conclusion: Embrace the healing touch

18 Herbs Organics Therapeutic Oils provide a holistic wellness approach, combining herbs and natural ingredients to address various health concerns. They offer relief from joint pain, stress, and skin therapy, empowering individuals to take control of their health naturally. Explore their range for a healthier, more balanced life.

 "Holistic Healing, Naturally"

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