The Benefits of Bringha (Eclipta alba) Oil for Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

The Benefits of Bringha (Eclipta alba) Oil for Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

In a Spanish study involving balding men, 62% of men surveyed said hair loss would wreck their self-esteem. Society is more accepting of baldness today. For many, it is even a style statement but isn't it equally true that most men would rather have a head full of hair than be bald?

In the latest treatment for hair loss, hair from other parts of the body is transplanted to the head. Not everyone can pay for this treatment while natural treatments are acceptable to everyone. We have one such treatment for you.

It may sound like a cliche but our treatment actually involves a hair oil. We are talking about Bringha oil.

Bringha or Bringraj or Bhangra (Eclipta alba) is native to India though it is also found in China, Thailand, Brazil and North America. It is also popular in Chinese medicine (as Han Lian Cao) as a treatment for hair loss. Let us see what are the causes of hair loss.

Why do people lose hair?
When people start losing hair, the hair is not the only thing that goes down the drain. Their confidence also take a big hit. Since time immemorial, a thick head of hair has been seen as a sign of masculinity and youth while hair loss is seen as a sign of aging.

There are three main reasons why people lose hair. They are genetics, androgens and aging. Their effects are especially pronounced in men. Let us see these factors one by one.

If you are going bald prematurely, it may be because of your genes. If someone in your family or among your close relatives is going bald, there is a high chance you will too. It is said the gene responsible for premature balding is located on the X chromosome which we get from our mothers. But it is equally true that if your father went bald early, you will likely go bald soon too.

Male pattern baldness
One of the biggest reasons for premature baldness is a condition called male mattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Male pattern baldness is caused by a mix of bad genes and high androgen levels. The major culprit here is DHT or dihydrotestosterone. When DHT acts on hair follicles, they become increasingly smaller which in turn causes the hair to become progressively shorter and thinner, until there is only a bald patch left.

Aging is also a strong reason for hair loss and balding. It is not a coincidence that older people have less hair than younger people. Hair distribution and quality changes as a person becomes older. Now the hair follicles are not able to replace hair at the same rate as before. Medical conditions, like thyroid dysfunction can also lead to hair loss, as do certain medicines.

Illnes, medical conditions and bad diet
Prolonged illness and certain diseases can lead to hair loss. Scalp infections like ringworm and lichen planus also cause hair loss, sometimes permanently. Working professionals are especially susceptible to hair loss because of the extreme stress they go through on a daily basis. Sometimes, hair loss is the result of an insufficient diet. Certain medicines such as gout medications, blood thinners, beta blockers and large doses of Vitamin A can also cause hair loss.

The benefits of Bringha oil for hair loss
Bringha is an important herb in Ayurveda where is is prized for its hair restoring properties. If you are worried about thinning hair, hair fall or premature graying, you will benefit from using Bringha hair oil.

Bringha stimulates the growth of hair follicles
Contrary to what most people think, hair follicles don't die. They just shrink. A bald person has essentially the same number of stem cells on his head as a person with a head full of hair. It is just that the hair is so small, we can't see them and we think we are going bald.

Stem cells are our fundamental cells which can become any type of cell in the body. To grow hair again, all you have to do is reactivate the stem cells. Bringha can do that.

Bringha strengthens the roots of your hair
Weak hair is any hair that looks droopy, limp or is in danger of falling out. Extreme oiliness, extreme dryness and split ends are signs of weak hair.

It is normal to loose about 100-150 hair everyday. It is not a problem because people have around 100,000 hairs on their scalp. When one hair falls off, another one takes its place. When hair falls naturally, it comes out with the bulb. But if the hair breaks off above the scalp, it was probably caused by weakness. Bringha conditions and strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss from breakage.

Bringha oil is good for the scalp
Bringha oil balances kapha and vata in the body. Unlike some other hair oils, Bringha oil is not stickly or greasy. It can be removed easily by applying shampoo, leaving you with shiny and easily manageable hair.

What is the best way to use Bringha oil?
It is best to apply Bringha oil to your head early morning or evening. Take bringha oil in the cusp of your palm and apply it to your scalp. Next, gently massage your scalp for 5 minutes. Leave it like this for 20-25 minutes. For best results, wash the oil off with shampoo or shikakai.

You can also apply it to your hair before going to sleep at night. Don't forget to wash it off the next morning. Ayurveda recommends that you apply hair oil everyday. Apply a small quantity of Bringha oil to your hair everyday for long term benefits.

Bringha or Eclipta Alba is a woody annual plant that grows as a weed in many parts of the world. Bringha has miraculous properties when it comes to hair regrowth. If you are suffering from hair loss, thinning hair or early stages of balding, apply Bringha hair to your head and give yourself relief.

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