Benefits of Brahmi Herb : Herb of Grace

Benefits of Brahmi Herb : Herb of Grace

Brahmi, a unique herb, often considered to be the brain booster, is known to treat numerous health conditions. Brahmi, biologically known as Bacopa monnieri (BM), is a creeping perennial herb, native to India and therapeutic in nature.

In Ayurveda, Bacopa has been termed as Brahmi (as known popularly), after Lord Brahma, who is considered the supreme mythological creator of the universe and the father of the science of Ayurveda.

The best way to consume Brahmi (for children especially) is to infuse the herb with Pure Desi Ghee made from cow's milk.  This preparation is traditionally called Brahmi Ghritam. Pure Ghee is an excellent 'carrier' of herbs and medicine to various parts of the body due to its penetrating abilities.

Here are some health benefits of Brahmi herb:

Benefits to Children
Brahmi maintains brain health, especially recommended for children to develop cognitive skills such as memory, alertness and focus.

It is recommended to introduce Brahmi in children's diet as a powerful supplement to boost memory and concentration, a traditional and natural brain tonic to be chosen over pharmaceutical concoctions.

Although the extracts from Brahmi and the herb itself has been minutely studied and used in treating various ailments since ancient times, yet recently researchers have started specifically to focus on mechanism and efficacy of Brahmi extracts on different illnesses. Besides organic compounds and volatile components, Brahmi has some treasured alkaloids and triterpene saponins that have noteworthy beneficial effects on human body.

Cognitive Abilities
In a study conducted in 2001 that examined the effects of Brahmi on healthy humans concluded that chronic herbal administration of the extracts of the herb showed significant improvement in cognitive capabilities like learning and memory.

One of the most potent benefits of Brahmi is the ability to boost brain capabilities, mainly memory and concentration. It is widely used as an Ayurvedic medicine to enhance attention span and retention abilities. Few of the organic compounds that Brahmi has is the cohesive effect in stimulating the cognitive pathways and thereby augment and build the cognition power.

According to a journal article published in Aug 2013, Brahmi plays a neuro-protective role that reduces the oxidative stress and protect the brain cells, evidently attenuating the age triggered dementia, activating various neurological pathways.

Controls Anxiety & Stress
An Elsevier article of Feb 2006 issue on phytomedicine states that random clinical trials and systemic reviews clearly indicate that herbal dosage of Brahmi alleviates anxiety in humans due to its anxiolytic action.

Anti-inflammatory Capabilities
Topical application of Brahmi leaves extract on skin with rashes and inflammation soothes the swelling and irritation, an effective treatment for people suffering from arthritis and such inflammatory problems. Besides its healing feature, Brahmi also induces the skin cells capacity to produce essential oils that balance the smoothness and suppleness of the upper layer.

Anti-oxidant Qualities
Antioxidants have unique capacity in removing free radicals that are reactive byproducts of cell metabolism which can cause untimely unprogrammed cell death (apoptosis) or  mutation. These free radicals can affect any part of our system, right from the skin to the heart.

Respiratory Health
Brahmi leaves when chewed or used as infusion in tea helps to maintain a very good respiratory system. In Ayurveda, the herb is used to treat respiratory ailments like bronchitis, congestion, cold and sinusitis.

Immunity Booster
The ingredients in Brahmi leaf extracts are rich in compounds that boost immunity levels to fight against bacterial and viral infestation by triggering the response time against pathogens, preparing the body to fight back infections.

Epilepsy Treatment
Since the contents of Brahmi have direct positive impact in the neural pathway functioning, it has been used since eons to treat epilepsy. Epileptic fits can be controlled through the herbal dosage; in addition to treating other mental disorders such as bipolar disorder and neuralgia.

Skin Care
The juice made from Brahmi extracts or Brahmi oil is useful in healing wounds and prevents infection. Regular application of crushed leaves of the herb gives relief from rash and itching. In addition to that the skin becomes smooth without scarring of the affected area.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels
Brahmi has been proven to have an effect on blood sugar levels. It is a promising medicine for patients suffering from hypoglycemia if regularly consumed in some form to stabilize their sugar levels and lead a healthier life.

Treat Digestive Problems
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and soothing nature, Brahmi can be used as a sedative and in treating gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers.

Unlike other herbs, Bacopa has a wide spectrum health benefits and therefore been desirable in many cultures. Considered a sattvic herb, Brahmi has been instrumental in directly enhancing intellectual abilities and subtlety of mind (improvising on the qualities of sadhaka pitta), thus also commonly considered as heart and brain tonic.

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