Ponnanganni Thailam – Overall Skin Therapy

Ponnanganni Thailam – Overall Skin Therapy

Every woman’s cherished desire is to have a young and fresh, blemish-less and acne-free healthy skin naturally or with minimum maintenance. Well, that’s surely a far-fetching dream amid the growing sophistication of technology influence in every aspect of life and deteriorating quality of food and air. Growing pollution, stress, adulterated food and lifestyle choices add to the distress of the skin’s normal process of replenishment.

Common Skin Problems

The most common skin complaint among men and women - both the youth and middle aged is of acne, affecting more than 20% of them. Acne or pimples is aggravated outburst due to excessive oil secretion on skin that clog the pores, inviting dirt and bacteria. Often the side effect of healing is left over scars and blemishes.

Due to the process of ageing, exposure to sun and other conditions some parts of the skin produce extra melanin that form blotches or spots causing uneven skin pigmentation. It’s a bit annoying and ruins the look on your face.

Those tiny shiny blacks formed as pockets due to oxidized melanin commonly known as blackheads, are an outcome of mix of oily substance sebum and dead skin cells.

Another common problem is itchiness due to dry skin that can leave you with red and sore skin. Again, there are skin ulcers.

Our feet face all day ruggedness and brunt of dust, heat, weight and dryness that lead to cracked, painful and unpleasant skin. You are left with the option to hide those deep lines if you fail to regularly clean and heal those.

Irrespective of your skin type, having a daily skin care routine helps you maintain an overall skin health and improve common concerns like acne, scarring, sun tan, uneven skin tone, dark spots and itchiness due to dry skin.

Commercial Skin Care Products

The world of skin care is often confusing. Cosmetic industry is brim with skin care products with news ones being introduced daily that promise incredible affects. It’s easy to get carried away when you are spoilt for choices.

The million-dollar question is which one to buy. There are wonderful range of creams and lotions that do address your common skin woes and impart health and radiance to your façade.

Still, here’s something to answer before you grab on one.

Do these products have long term affect? Are they safe, natural, nourishing and chemical-free? Are they value for money?

Most often than ever the answer is a “No” to one of the above questions and sometimes to all.

Ponnanganni Thailam

Made from the ancient traditional authentic siddha formulation, the process ensures high efficacy of retaining the goodness of all the natural ingredients the oil is composed of. The key ingredient of ponnanganni thailam is the herb Alternathera sessilis, known as Ponnanngani in Tamil and Matsyakshi in Sanskrit.

Matsyakshi has immense health benefits and is known to cure many chronic ailments and treat various internal disorder. The herb is also known to have significant coolant properties on eyes, skin and hair.

The oil has amazing benefits on skin, a wonderful skincare product. If applied regularly on skin the numbness is relieved and the skin cells restore their sensation and the skin color also improves.

With regular use of this oil that has many other beneficial ingredients such as cow’s milk and Gingelly oil, the skin achieves an even skin tone with enhanced texture. You will also notice a natural radiance in your skin after using this oil.

Due to its composition Ponnanganni oil has an innate anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-ulcerative qualities and thus combats any kind of skin breakage and clears clogged pores. Skin ulcers, blemishes and blackheads can also be reduced naturally by daily application of the oil. Other common skin problems such as itchiness, scabies and eczema can also be successfully cleared using the oil.

Ponnangani thailam is an answer to all your common skin challenges and an effective beauty oil too that delivers what it promises. Another major advantage of using this oil is it has no additives nor is chemically treated which makes it a perfect option for skin, with lasting results.

How to Apply

Apply gently over the skin, face and wash it after an hour. It can be applied on exposed skin including the face, neck and arms before going outdoors during the day. Overnight application is recommended for dry skin.

There are simple steps to a healthy and at ease skin. Follow a beauty regime and balanced diet without compromising on your routine beauty sleep. Whichever way and products you use, natural products are always fetching without damaging your skin further nor drilling a hole in your pocket.

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