1 Minute Express Hair Colour Black - Pack of 5 for Men and Women

Achieve stunning hair colour in just 1 minute with the 1 Minute Express Hair Colour Shampoo from 18 Herbs Organics, now available in packs of 5. Specially designed for busy lifestyles, this innovative hair colour shampoo delivers salon-quality results in just one minute. Achieve 100% grey hair coverage with a rich, natural black color, all without the harsh effects of ammonia.


Quickest Hair Colour Shampoo


Key Features:

1.Long-lasting Colour: Enjoy vibrant and everlasting hair colour that maintains its richness and depth, ensuring your hair looks freshly dyed for 3–4 weeks.

2.Just 1 Minute Application: Achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your home in just 1 minute, perfect for those with a busy schedule.

3.100% Grey Hair Coverage: Effectively cover grey hairs, providing youthful and uniform hair colour.

4.Natural Black Colour: Achieve a rich and natural black hair colour that complements your style and enhances your overall look with a stunning, authentic appearance.

5.Suitable for Both Men and Women: Designed for everyone, this shampoo offers a convenient and effective hair colouring solution for both men and women.

6.Convenient Pack of 5: Making it easy to carry and use whenever you need a quick touch-up or a full hair colour transformation.

7.Ammonia-free Formula: Gentle on your hair, this shampoo is free from harsh ammonia, ensuring a safe and pleasant colouring experience.

How to use:

1.Wear the provided gloves.

2.Ensure your hair is completely dry without oil or dust.

3.Rub the sachets well.

4.Cut the pouch along the dotted line.

5.Squeeze the shampoo into your gloved hands and mix it well till it produces a white foam.

6.Leave the shampoo on the hair for a minute.

7.After 1 minute, rinse your entire hair with adequate water.

8.No additional shampoo or conditioner is required.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of 18 Herbs Organics 1 Minute Express Hair Colour Shampoo and effortlessly enjoy gorgeous, naturally black hair!