18 Herbs Organics Laxa Health Tea (BOX)

Relieves Constipation

18 HERBS ORGANICS LaxaHealth Tea contains 100% pure cut leaves of organically grown Senna herb (Cassia Angustifolia) sourced from the calcareous soil tracts of Tirunelveli, South India.

Senna contains glycosides, which work as a powerful laxative by stimulating the intestinal muscles.

In the process, it also helps detoxify the system

Available sizes: Box - 15 Tea Bags

Ingredients:  100% Pure-cut Leaves of Organically Grown Senna Herb (Cassia  Angustifolia) Sourced from the Calcareous soil tracts of Tirunelveli, South India.


  1. Senna Herb Contains Glycoside Enzymes and it Works as Powerful Laxative
    and Stimulates the Muscles in the Intestines, Promoting Regular Bowel
  2. Helps to detoxify
  3. Good Remedy for Constipation.


  1. Infuse one tea bag in hot water for 3–5 minutes.
  2. Honey or jaggery may be used for sweetening.
  3. Weekly 3 times before Going to Bed.